My first P-O-E-M

Haha… the title is not wrong. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Indeed, Damian has stepped out in faith to publish his first POEM! Indeed, a first poem that I have wrote, with love and joy from the bottom of my heart. Haha.. it may seem very kiddish but that’s the way it is. However, I will try to improve on my poem writing skills when there is time to spare. Please do give your comments if there are any in you… to comment or to critize me on how well my poem does. oopss… I am singing to the tune of the poem as I am writing this portion of text… with so much joy in me, I do not know where to spread. Hahaha… oopss.. I better stop… REMEMBER: This is my FIRST poem… ENJOY.

My God

Here I sit in front of a monitor,

With nothing much to do,

All my work has been completed,

So now I can turn to You.

When work was overwhelming,

Your grace was there with me,

And when I got stuck at a point,

There you show me Your face,

Giving me clear instructions,

For the work I needed to do.

How lovely and great You are,

My God, my Love, my All.

Oh! It is five fifty now

Ten minutes to knocking off

With so much unfinished work,

My hope for home just sank.

But once again, faithful is You,

Who came and rescue me.

Now, with the strength of God,

On wings of eagles I soar,

Nothing is too hard,

For You my God, is LORD!

Written by Damian Ng

NOTE: Written this in my office… haa… πŸ™‚ Not always this free… thus, decided to use my time to praise my God, my All! πŸ™‚


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