Employed :)

Alas, I have found a job… I am currently working at Anro Asia Pte Ltd, a reseller for IT softwares and products. My job title is IT Technical Support but I see it as Clerk cum IT Technical Support. Haha.. I have not really done any support yet and I am not really confident too. I have not really touch any programming or network stuff for years. However, I believe that I will be able to be the SALT and the LIGHT in this small office of 5 staffs! Pathetic rite? Hahaha… scary thing is that the people here do not really interact with one another… they do not communicate…

One reason why this is so, we are all flooded with emails to do up quotations for many different people/companies. On my first day, I was right infront of the PC from the moment I stepped into the office until it is time to go home! CRAZY! haha… okok.. i did exaggerate there… but apart from getting up from my seat to go to my boss’ desk or to the toilet, I basically sat at the table the whole day… it really reminds me of my days in SAFTI, MI as a Finance Clerk… doing up quotations and stuff…. haha…

I really do believe that God has a purpose and reason for placing me here… I am not sure how long I will be here… but every single day when I am here, I am going to maximise my talents and I am going to SHINE for Him! 🙂 His grace is good enough for me… His presence will be there to accompany me throughout the day… My LOVE and MY ALL!


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