It is going to be a GREAT 2005!

Ever since I entered into 2005, my walk with God has been growing sweeter and sweeter. His presence and grace were just indescribable. They were so REAL and everyday single day since the 1st of Jan, I felt like I was riding on a cloud where everything seemed so beautiful.

In my previous post, I shared that 2004 has not really been a really fantastic year for me. However, towards the end of 2004, the last few days to be exact, the LORD encouraged me every single day and as I read more of the Word, He began to bring to light a verse He wanted me to hold on to in 2005. The rehma word that God showed me is “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” (Mat 6:33). I have seen this verse very often and I have claimed upon it before. However, in the past, when I claimed upon the verse, it was not with much conviction but nonetheless faith was involved. Now that God has personallyshown me this verse, whenever I claimed it, it felt so different. There was joy and confidence to lead a life that is totally separated to Him. In the past, I did not really have the confidence to really give my all for Jesus but it feels so different now. Everyday, I am just more happy and indeed the “joy of the LORD is my strength!”

There are so much things I want to do this year after not so good 2004. However, when the LORD began to speak, He who is the DIRECTOR of my life, I know that there are certain things which need to be put on hold first. Mysteriously, I did not feel disappointedt or angry that I have to once again shelf my plans. The LORD indeed has given me the grace and strength to handle the things which He has for me. His grace is just so REAL. I really hope I will continue to focus on Him and not let the cares of this world pull me away. For I can only find true love and comfort in Him! He is indeed my SOURCE of COMFORT, WISDOM, STRENGTH and GRACE!

After attending last night service, my word was confirmed by Rev Kong Hee! Wow… it was just amazing! For the past week, I was still having some doubts about whether or not this is indeed the word but when I sat through the preaching, the presence of God just fell upon me. BAM! That was when I knew that God really wanted to me focus on Him this year and if I put Him first, He will bless my finances, relationships and my health! Pst Kong did not shared from Mat 6:33 but what he shared was the importance of putting Jesus as our foundation and he encouraged us to commit our life to prayer, the church, Word of God and to the Holy Spirit! God really work in a POWERFUL and CUTE way eh? Throughout the week, a friend also shared that we should really put God first in our ministry and life this year. In fact, God wants to use TIME to mould us and to really build us up into GREATER people, people who are more CHRIST-LIKE. What an interesting year that is ahead of me and I am really excited about it. Praise God for His faithfulness and most of all… for His love and grace that He showered over my life. I have never had such a good start to my year in the 23 years of my existence here on earth. I know that this year, 2005, will be one exciting ride with Him. I can forsee pitfalls already but I know that His grace will bring my through. As I wait upon my Lord and Saviour, He will renew my strength and I will soar on wings like eagles; run and not be weary; walk and never faint! A great God!

I really want to urge you friends to start building a intimate relationship with Him. It is really a rewarding relationship. It is one that not only promises love and blessings but also a fulfillment to the void that is crying out from the inside of you. It may be hard at first but trust me, go with the Word of God and it will be so, so much easier. Prayer is a way we talk to God and the Word of God is usually how God speaks to us! 🙂 Stay strong and let’s be like Paul… running strong in our own race of faith! God bless you all!!

“True love isn’t just expressed in passionately whispered words or an intimate kiss or an embrace; before two people are married, love is expressed in self-control, patience, even words left unsaid.”

“The joy of intimacy is a reward of commitment.”

I Kissed Dating GOODBYE, Joshua Harris


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