Praising God EVEN at the darkest moment!

I thank God for everything that I am experiencing right now!

I praise Him in times like these!

I am feeling really disorientated and dissociated right now. Out of sync, dreamy, dazy… etc… it is really bad. In spite of all these, I WILL PRAISE HIM.

I know that my God is Jehovah God, my Healer, my Source! He will deliver me from my predicament in no time!

It is through trials and tribulations that produces genuine faith! In turn, this faith will produce patience. God is indeed GOOD all the time!

Oh… you may be wondering what is wrong with me. I have illness called dissociative state (diagnosed by a psychiatrist). Hard to explain how I feel… basically, I feel like I am in a dream, not really sure about what I am doing, etc. Having a vision that a normal person will have when he/she is in dreamland… foggy, blurry vision!

But I thank God for the little bit of sanity that is in me, enabling me to praise God in this blog despite of how I am feeling right now. Just got back from school… and it was really bad… was fighting against the feeling of “spacing out”… if you know what I mean.

So dear friends, do keep me in your prayers and to be honest, this time round, I am more optimistic. Why? Because I sense His presence, His love, His grace. 🙂 PRAISE GOD!!


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