God is Good ALL THE TIME!

No matter how big a mistake we make, God is merciful to forgive us if we come to Him with a broken and contrite heart. We must not lose the spiritual hunger for Him even when we fail; the spiritual hunger will get you back on your feet!

Whenever we fall, be sure to fall front, keeping our focus on Him. Be quick to get up on your feet and find your footing back again… walk the road less travelled and God will bless you mightily!

Never think that you have to do everything again when you have failed! When you fail, you will not be brought back to level one, instead God wants you to work on your life and move on from the level which you were at!

By our own strength and wisdom, it will not be possible but with God, everything is possible!

Sorry is a word which is overly use… everyone including myself is cheapening the word, “Sorry!” When we want to say sorry, we must mean it in our heart and decision must be made to change!

God is a truly good God… always bringing us into new situations in our lives to make us see the new areas we need to work on! Praise be to GOD! Hallelujah

Champions are not people who never fail but people who NEVER QUIT!


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