Life leads us all down different streams…

Life is like a stream flowing down from a mountain top. We may all start off from a hospital, where we are born. However, one baby’s experience on life is not going to be the same with the others. It is like the streams finding its own path, as they journey down the mountain. But at the end of it, we will all still meet at the bottom, where we flow into the afterlife.

I was recently re-connected with a friend on Facebook. He was one of the coolest guy that I got the chance to meet during my army days. It was probably barely just past 10 years, and I was really surprised at where life has brought him to. After a great career, he is now taking a sabbatical from the corporate world and exploring different opportunities. He is invested in a few properties, and is also onto a couple of business projects.

Unlike him, I never had the chance or was not exposed or aware of the job that he undertook, which took him from the initial point to where he is now. I was on a totally different stream. I did have my fair share of success in my own career but relative to his, I was no where near what he was earning.

The interesting thing is this – he was just like any of us, a normal guy from a decent family, not born with a silver spoon. He just worked his way up, and fought to get to where he is now. He told me that in his previous job, it is just happened that he was into what he was doing, and actually got a knack for doing what he was initially given as a job.

That’s the beauty of life. I am so inspired by him. What this experience taught me was the fact that everyone has their own streams in life to go on. We will not know where the stream will lead us to, what opportunities is going to bring us to, but the only thing we can do is to enjoy the experience (the now), and make the most out of it.

We may not experience the similar financial breakthroughs as some would experience. We may not even be as “lucky” as some. But this is the unique stream that you are on. Maybe it is just not your time yet to be there. Instead of being bitter and telling yourself that you are not as good, it is definitely more awesome to soak in the stream, reflect on where you at now, before making a list of where you would like to be/achieve, and then getting back on the stream and making your way to where you want to go, as per your list.

I am going back onto my stream now. Maybe we will meet somewhere down the “mountain.”

In the meantime, wishing us all the success and fun in our own individual streams.

Your Most Important Fan That Is KEY to Your Success

You know for a fact that success is relative. What success means to you may not necessarily be the same for another person. However, we all know that being successful is not an easy task, at least it is not a one day or one week journey.

Success requires time and effort. If it is academic success that you are pursuing, you will have to take to the books and make sure that you understand the concepts that are being taught. You will need to invest time to be successful.

If you want to improve your site ranking on search engines, you will need to learn how to do it effectively, and then invest the necessary time and effort to achieve it as well. No matter what you want to do, there are sacrifices and investments that you need to make.

However, success will not be possible unless have the ONE supporter or fan that will always be standing beside you, unwavering in belief and equally as passionate as you. This support will be crucial to you especially when you are down and out. When you feel that whatever that you are doing is not working.

This awesome fan of yours is YOU. Yes! You are your greatest supporter. Whenever someone criticize you for the idea, you will be there to encourage yourself because you know that what you are doing is getting you on the right course. People will be able to advise but they will not be able to put you down because you have the greatest fan that is giving you the necessary strength to accomplish the goals that will bring you closer to your success.

Take care of your fan. Take care of YOU. Feed it and strengthen continuously with positive reinforcements and ideas through reading and keeping an open mind. The stronger you support yourself, the closer you are to your success. Successful people do not let the external factors dictate their course. They dictate and design their own success.

Start today. Work on YOU. Make YOU strong and you will know that no matter what success you are reaching for, anything is possible. Remember, YOU are your greatest fan. Do not let anyone else’s thinking or opinion tell you that you are not special enough to be successful.

Their ignorance should not be a barrier to you reaching your success. In fact, their ignorance should be a fuel for you to prove them wrong, and to show them that you are special. In fact, you are. You are unique, and you cannot find you anywhere else in the world.

We are never too small to be insignificant. We have to believe that we can be special and influential in our own little way. Live your dream and be more than what you think you can be.

My name is Damian, and I have founded SaveMyPiz LLP, an affordable and professional photo scanning service in Singapore.

I am also an avid Judoka, and I believe Judo is a great tool for inspiration, especially as we are fighting our daily battles in our life.  Check out the Facebook page, The Judo Life