Reboot – The Art of Moving Forward (Always Forward Series Part 1)

I love to play computer games since young. The great thing about games is that you get to save a progress and reload whenever you make a wrong choice.

Unfortunately, life is not as simple as that. Unlike the “Choose Your Own Adventure” story books of the 1980s, I cannot flip back to the page where it offered the various choices and turn to a new page to carry on my adventure.

Life is definitely a one way street. You can and will only move forward. You can get stuck when you are in a dilemma. You can kinda move “backwards” when you focus on your past but essentially, you are still moving forward without any progress. 

In this respect, it is important to note that in order to live an eventful life and to be as successful as we can be, we got to find a way to always move forward. 

I have fell numerous times. In fact, I do not even dare to count the actual numbers. I just did not want to disappoint myself. I am ashamed but I have definitely moved past those crippling negativity. How I am still here sharing about my life from a positive angle is mostly due to a blessed ability to REBOOT. 

Rebooting does not mean erasing. It is certainly not reloading and starting afresh. Like a desktop or laptop computer, rebooting simply means restarting from where we left off in life. 

What is significant about rebooting is that it helps me re-frame my mind, tricking it into a “new slate” mentality where everything likens a new start. In reality, nothing changes. I still had my records of bad choices. I just gave myself a fresh start where I ignore or push away the irritating reminders or my failures and falls. 

How I actually reboot? That is what I will be sharing more in my next post.

Stay tune. 


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