Staying positive no matter what

To be honest, we are all living in a world that has so much negativity and stress. We cannot deny that with technology, our lives have really changed in the past 15-20 years. Everything is moving so fast, people are having so many decisions to make every single day and we all now have a visible voice on many platforms.

With all good things, there is always the flip side of it, which is the cons. What speed has brought us is stress. What ease of doing business online has brought us is cheats and those get-rich-quick scams. The list goes on for everything negative.

And that’s the problem! Why focus on the negative when all we can do for ourselves is to look at the brighter side of change because you ain’t going to take away the dark side. But you can most definitely be happy and positive despite the negativity that is so abundant in this world.

For me, I keep a blog here to remind myself of epiphanies that occurs to me and moments of inspiration that pulled me up when I fell. I also posts photos and videos in Instagram (@damian_wanderer) to share about my fitness journey.

Basically, I am not in Instagram to earn any money (at least not yet) but to be as real as possible to the genuine people that I have the honor to share my journey with. My fitness aspiration is to be sustainable, consistent and real. I mean, life is not all about six packs and all, so I do not believe that I have to portray my success the time. I am human and I do fall down because I am not perfect, so I do post about the valleys and the honest truth of living a life (not a bed of roses).

What that can bring sometimes, and with those who are also sharing their sincere and humble opinions (with no intention to be better or above anyone else), is people who may put you down for your “lack” of success (according to society standards) and “constant” falling down.

To be honest, we cannot be too bothered by third party opinions when we are on this journey ourselves. However, we have to be humble enough to take “negative” comments or opinions constructively because while there are some genuine haters who just love to hate, there are those who are sharing their dose of tough love. Of course, I do believe that there are always better way to communicate rather than to do it in a negative tone but that’s for another post.

We have to remember that we are living our own lives. We cannot be allowed to be kicked around by standards and opinions.We have to stay positive and believe in ourselves because it is so easy to discredit yourself and doubt yourself like some of the people out there who does not believe you can. We owe it to ourselves to stay sane and focused. Not on impressing anyone but to build up ourselves.

If we are secured in ourselves, no amount of hate can put us down. The trick is to ignore. Look at the beautiful side and stay humble. Smile, be happy. Bless and response in kindness because to have a back and fought words war is just feeding into any negativity that may already be present.

Always be better. Always better the bigger person. Always be humble and always smile. That’s how you stay positive because you leave no room for negativity to corrupt your life.


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