Accept this and you will feel happy immediately

What is stopping so many of us from being truly happy?
What is that one thing that has always been nagging at us, telling us how incomplete or lousy we are?

So many people has shared about happiness and has written about it. Tips on how to start being happy immediately and on how you can relax and see things from a different perspective, and so on.

What about this? Just be mindful of this ONE thing and you can immediately feel so much better about yourself and be happier.

Disclaimer: I am not a guru or NLP practitioner. I am just a simple guy who is journeying through this  world just like you. The sharing and thoughts are mine and I do not seek to impose or force them upon you. If you find them useful, I am glad to have made a difference. If they do not bring value in any way, I would still like to extend my gratitude for reading it. It would, however, be helpful if you could comment and share with me on things you would like to improve on this website. 

So let’s get back to the topic. What is the one thing that you can embrace that will change your entire outlook or perspective?

Perfection, or the lack of it.

Let’s face it. We all have our ideals and we all expects a lot from the world and from ourselves. This is probably due to the pace of life in today’s society. Everyone else is getting so much more successful and rich. There is always someone out there who is out-doing you.

Competition is good. It keeps us on the edge and makes us strive for progress in our lives. However, the thing that is constantly affecting our happiness, which is also counter-productive to your goal of progress is perfection. We expect things to turn out the way we imagine. We expect a project that we are starting on to not screw up or we are expecting certain people to behave or work in a particular way. All these expectations of ideals are unrealistic. In fact, it robs you of positive energy that requires to you make healthy progress.

Progress is supposed to uplift and show you your prowess in expanding your limits, not to remind you of the imperfections that is always going to be around in this world. The more we begin to tune ourselves to this world, this imperfect world and the imperfect us, the more we will grow to appreciate and be grateful for the progress that we are getting every single day.

Progress, like success, is subjective. Progress for me may be in small ways that I was able to someone smile today or that I could hold off my temper against my mum. Learn to appreciate every small progress and accept that perfection is never truly the right goal to strive for, progress is.

For me, this website is never going to be perfect. There will be days I do not feel like writing. There will be days that I doubt myself. There will also be days that I feel like stopping this entire personal project but life is never perfect. Days will never be too. In fact, we are humans and we are always battling ourselves every single day.

Rejoice for the simple fact that your goals are still in your sight. Rejoice that you are not giving up or throwing away because it got hard. Throw out the expectation of perfection and focus on progress. This is the thing I truly believe will get so closer to happiness.


Because it did that for me.



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