What a BeAuTiFul Day! =)

The dark clouds are floating away, revealing a beautiful and majestic sun… that brings light into this small world of mine! I must really say how blessed I am to be able sit here, listening to Corrine May’s songs… I am really just letting this beautiful moment gets into my soul, enjoying every seconds of it…

“I often feel like I’m two steps behind
Somebody must have moved that finish line
There are a thousand reasons
Why I should give up
But I’m stubborn in the things I believe”

Woke up early this morning, at around 9:30am just to pack my room and to vaccum the floor, basically, helping out in the household chores… which I have been trying to run away from for the past few years… haha… Not that I am loving it now, but it is just the joy of being able to be a blessing in this family of mine that made me want to love it. Slow steps was what Sister Sandy said. This is one of the slow steps, which I believe I am taking, not wanting to overwhelm myself with stress and stuffs. I did sweat alot during the course of vaccuming the whole house and that I really enjoyed! Haha… Had an hour of workout by vaccuming plus a happier mother at the end of this service that I had done! =) It certainly feels great to be able to take on small steps towards loving my family. As you can see, I am all smiles and I do love this wonderful day… I am certainly looking forward to every minutes of the remaining day.

I was surprised that I was able to wake up at 9:30am, considering I had a long chat with Sister Sandy all the way until the wee hours of the night…. reached home at around 1am… and after finishing my shower and stuff, it was already 1:30am. Oh… I did not sleep immediately though… entertained myself for another 45 mins before deciding that I needed to end the day!

The chat with Sister Sandy was ReFreshing! She really touched my spirit and heart… causing me to break down from the inside out. Really never wanted her to know about the state that I am in… for fear of disappointing her. It is like you never want to let your loved ones know that you are struggling even though you know that they will care. She was one of the few whom I really love and and cherish in church. Sister Sandy was very funny throughout the chat that we had! Haha… I could really feel that she was trying to be careful with the words that she was using, always seeking to let her love touch me instead of the message that she was trying to convey. One thing that she said, which really touched me was this, “Please do not think that I am here to challenge or to push you; the reason I am here is that I want to make a commitment with you, not wanting you to make silly decisions.” My whole spirit just exploded when the love behind that word entered my being. She is simply great!!

When I first came to church, I never thought that I am going to have such a beautiful relationship with one of the KEY person in church. She was like so far away, like an idol whom you will be happy just to be in the same sanctuary as she is in, let alone the thought of having a friendship with her. We do have a leader to member relationship, yet on top of that, there is the trust in this relationship like those will have between two close friends. I cannot empasis how much I cherish this relationship. As I was sharing with her about this relationship that I have with her, it made me realise that God was once far-fetched, never thought that He will come down to my level, to know me personally… to commune and to embrace me, but I was wrong. =) Just like God, Sister Sandy showed me this kind of unconditional love. She loved me for who I am, no matter how imperfect I am, she is willing to love me just as much. God is indeed love and like what Pst Mike shared, your loving actions will flow out of the love that’s within you. We had a great time. She opened herself up to me too, by sharing some of the more personal stuff about her with me. I have to say that am honored to have her shared so much with. She didn’t have to but she chose to!

Burdens started to lift up, faith started to arise… At last, this grim task of wanting to be a blessing in the family started to surface from the blurry water that it was in previously. Throughout the course of the conversation, I come to the realisation that I was actually my greatest enemy. I was always the one condemning myself, the one who told me how bad it was. I became the devil’s advocate. In fact, I became one of his best, the secret weapon to destroying my soul. How difficult one can get things into perspective when you, yourself is coming to you with all the “truths” that apparently made sense. However, in this case, the “truths” made me worse and caused me to fall back further in the dark, cold shadows; made embracing the truths a daunting task!

Praise God for Sister Sandy. Thank God for being my God, always waiting patiently for this prodigal son’s return. I have now more faith… knowing that I really can walk out of this tunnel. Though I hate this tunnel that embraces darkness, I cannot deny that it made my life more interesting and colourful. Life is full of ups and downs and yes, the ups colour your life but it is the downs that made the colours, the ups brought, even more constrasting and brighter! I am walking down this road of recovery as Sister Sandy would describe it and yes, I am definitely looking forward to a new me. One that loves me even more and one that really do know my position in Christ, His love for me, His preparation that He has done for me in my life! Glory to God. The upcoming weeks will surely be intense as the devil knows that I have picked up my feet to start walking again. I do really pray that I will have the courage to approach the friends that I have to help me through these trying times. Thank God! Hallelujah!


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