Sweet poem…

The girl of my life I have not met yet…

I love a girl,

Oh, so much.

I love her soft,

tender touch,

Her soft lips,

Beautiful eyes

Glistening off

The morning sunrise.

We watch the sunrise

And the sunset.

But this girl

I’ve never met.

In my dreams

She is so real.

It’s just the way

She makes me feel.

If I could meet

A girl like this,

Her every move

I would not miss.

This girl would be,

Oh, so sweet

Holding my hand,

Walking down the street.

She could tell me she loves me

In front of her friends,

Saying what we have

Will never end.

But if it does,

We’ll stay together

Just as friends

Always and forever.

This is the girl

I want forever.

If you can find her,

Tell her… I love her.


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