Let every other day be like Sundays

It is Sunday and I know it is a day of happiness for many, if not most. Why? Because it is the weekend and we do not have to report in for work.

But what if we can be generally happier every single day of the week? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Of course, Sundays will still be Sundays but the rest of the week can become so much more beautiful and less stressful.

So what is the trick? Simple and probably you would have know it as well – Exercise.

You may be thinking, “Oh… so it is the same old thing about exercise again.” or “Gosh, I thought he is going to share some unknown secrets or get happy quick pill.” It is true and to be honest, I love you so much that I want you to know that there aren’t any get–quick stuff in this world. We are all bogged down with our lives that we often find ways to succeed faster.

What I will do is that I will share with you practical ways to start getting healthy. I am a true believer of being able to do something sustainably, so that consistency is possible. With consistency, that is when success will get closer.

Before I share that, let me show you a scientific research on the correlation of happiness and fitness.

An ((> target=”_blank”>article from US National Library of Medicine concluded the following:

“Increasing physical activity volume was associated with higher levels of happiness. Although the influence of physical activity intensity appeared minimal, the association with happiness was domain specific and was strongest for “a lot” of domestic and/or “some” vocational physical activity.”

So here are my personal tips and practical ways on how I worked towards my health late last year, all while working in a hectic and stressful job dealing with demanding customers almost every other day.

  1. Commit to a simple workout routine that you can do every day.
    Yes, I do mean every day. It does not have to take 1 hour or even 20 minutes. Personally, I started my whole journey with a 30 squats challenge with a friend. Who would have known that this simple challenge of just 30 squats can change my life. I will share my before and after photo at the end of this post.

    1. Learn about nutrition
      This is the key. As they always say, fitness is 20% exercise and 80% diet. This cannot be further from the truth. I will share more on nutrition soon.
    2. Partner a friend
      Like how I shared earlier on how I started my fitness journey, partnering a friend helps in two ways. Firstly, it makes losing weight or keeping fit fun. You may even have a little competition. Secondly, it acts as a great support and accountability system. When I started, I told my friend that we have to Whatsapp each other everyday without fail. In this way, we would be able to focus on our goal, which was to complete the 30 days challenge. There will be days she would text me first to inform me that she has completed hers and there would be days that I texted first. This kept the momentum strong since it is on a daily basis. This was tremendously helpful to in my journey.
    3. Take photos of your progress
      Pictures paint a thousand words. On days that you get discouraged, the best way to get motivated again is by looking back at your photos, to the days you just got started and realize how much you have progressed. This always lift me up and help fuel my progress. Even when I got lost, in terms of diet or exercise, this always guide me back to the path.

I believe that many failed to make progress in their health because they have the improper mindset or perspective that maintaining it or keeping at it is so hard. Trust me, I was one of them. I could not give up on my rice. You cannot blame me because I am Asian and rice is our staple.

Remember, fitness does not have to be that hard. It can be simple, as simple as 30 squats a day. If you need coaching or guidance, you can connect with me too. I would be so humbled and honored if you would give me this opportunity to be your partner in your journey to health, happiness and success.

And now, for the progress photo I promised.

Instagram : @damian_wanderer

Fitness Progress (Nov 2015 – Mar 2016)

Please pardon my pink boxer. LOL.


Everything takes time to grow. We take about 18 years to grow from infants to adults. A plant takes time to grow from a seed to one that blossoms. The point is, time is the most important ingredient for any growth. Water, food and other items may be needed but nothing is more important than time. If we do not give it time, it will never be able to grow and blossom to its intended beauty.

Humans are naturally impatient beings. We are always yearning to grow up when we were little, so that we do our things our ways. We are always looking for the next get-rich-quick schemes. We are always wanting our promotions faster. The list goes on… There is nothing wrong with being impatient. In fact, impatience shows that you have a drive, you have a yearning to want to be something better or bigger. Ultimately, life is about balance – controlling the impatience but not letting the flame of growth dies down, and giving growth the needed time to absorb the nourishment, so that it can blossom beautifully.

Just as we mentioned above that as kids, we always wanted to grow up faster. What happens when we actually grow up? We want to be young again… There is a time for everything. We cannot rush growth. Instead, what we want to do is to experience the NOW as much as we can, and make the most out of it. Childhood is given for a reason. I am sure you have heard some people saying that they hated the fact that they missed their childhood. When the time is right for you to grow up and be a man, you will then need to step up and act as one. Until then, it is better to enjoy the presents that youth has to offer.

Impatience can have adverse effect on success. If not dealt with properly, shortcuts or undesirable paths may be taken. This will, in most cases, not turn our favorably for the individual. The thing is, what is success if it is obtained through undesirable means, and we are not talking about righteous here. But seriously, I do sincerely believe that there are more ways than one to attaining a goal, and it takes creativity. However, TIME will still be required.

I have made many rash decisions in my life, and allowed impatience to run it at times. In retrospect, I would have chosen better if I understood this lesson. However, everything happens for a reason, and there is a lesson in every experience. I have come to realize that there are some things that just cannot be forced. The more you force it, chances of it not going as expected will increase. However, if you persevere and continue working on it, TIME will show you true growth that it is capable of.

Remember, do not rush success,  for success only finds those who are patient enough for it.