Happiness =)

Recently, I was discussing some stuff with a colleague of mine and something struck me. I was encouraging him on something and I was, as usual, rattling away. Suddenly, I noticed that I wrote something, which I did not really understand before. I wrote: “Happiness is found, not given.” I only realised the punch of this sentence after I finished writing. I did not consciously write this down. Rather, I was just writing straight out from my thoughts.

I meditated on what I had written and kinda explain what I meant by this phrase to my friend. As I was explaining, supposedly to him, I was enlightening myself at the same time! I was totally amazed and I know that this was inspired by God! I really do thank God for these thoughts and revelations, which He had placed in me.

Happiness is truly not given. If we do wait for people to give us happiness, we may be bitter always. Why? It is because our mood will then depend on how other people treat us and whether the other party is willing to make your day. If the other party is in a bad mood and in turn, decide not to give lift you up, you will practically not get happiness. However, if our happiness is independent of others, we will always be happy whenever we want! All it takes is that we WANT to be happy. This way, we will be happy even if others are not giving us any positive remarks, reports, etc. In addition, we will be HAPPIER if others decide to give us some additional happiness! So this kinda says it! It is definitely better to find your own happiness, rather than to wait for happiness to be given. In this way, it is always a win-win situation!

I am a child of God,
Happy will I stay always!
I am a child of God,
no amount of sorrows can take my joy away,
for in Him, happiness is found!
Never will happiness be determined by others,
rather, I will find my own happiness,
in God, in myself and in the things I like!
Happiness is pure and is of me!
I am a child of God,
full of happiness I proclaim!

Inspiration on Love

Just wanna share something, which I have conjured up while I was “busy” working! haha… I was just writing to God and a sudden inspiration came upon me! So here it is! Hope that you will like it just I did myself!


As Beautiful as it is, it can birth forth some ugly scenes;
As Simple as it is, it can complicate one’s thoughts;
As Colourful as it is, it can darken your mood;
As Sweet as it is, you certainly do not want to taste the bitter part of it!

Just like Good and Evil,
there are two sides to LOVE,
there are two sets of emotions,
and there are certainly two sets of choice…
Make the right choice!

Choose the Beautiful side and your days will be filled with wonders;
Choose the simple side and you will be able to appreciate much more things;
Choose the Colourful side and your days will be much more interesteing;
Choose the Sweet side and you will never know how bitter the world can get!

Love is free but the emotions are not!
You gain when spirits are lifted up,
but it costs you when you hurt others.
It builds you up when others love you back,
but it can destroys you when they hurt you instead.

Above all, love others the way you want others to love you!