Love this quote…

I was reading one of my friend’s blog and I stumbled on a phrase in one of her entries. The phrase is so captivating that I wanted to copy and paste, and share it with you guys!

A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man must seek the Lord to find it.

As a guy, I know that this is so hard. I have been through it. LOL. Yeah, you can start pointing your finger and start waving at me, telling me how insensitive I was to the Holy Spirit but don’t forget that at this very moment, you are also pointing to yourself with the rest of your fingers!

However, despite the difficulties a normal guy would face in wanting to successfully court a girl whose heart is so hidden in Christ, this would mean that the REAL women of God who wants their hearts to be hidden will get the cream of the crop, their Prince Charmings. At the same time, they are really going through a ride with God, as He, the Almighty One, pens their love stories. It will be a story they will be so proud of, one that inspires and encourages.

To be honest, I have never really had an answer from God when I was praying for a particular girl. I can only imagine how sweet it would be like. Now that I am already attached, I will picture how God will guide and bless me in the journey I have with my girlfriend.

May God give wisdom to all who seek to have the one partner God has intended for them. Wisdom to discern and wisdom to navigate through this web of love. Love is only truly sweet when God is involved. Having the knowledge of the most important One nodding at every single steps you take in the relaltionship is the most satisfying thing! This I guess is what we all yearn for. We tried to please so many others but all we want to do is to please Him, our Father. May God gives us strength to be the man and woman He truly wants us to be.

Praise God for Love!
The world will not be so green if there is no love.
The water will not be so blue without love. A
nd certainly, they will not be joy if love is absent!
Praise God for Love!


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