Wealth Creation

The thing about learning to earn is to learn how to get from the initial phase to the platform where everything starts rolling in. There are many articles out there that actually shares how to be successful in getting money. However, in most of these articles, they lack one thing – practicality.

You see, the thing about advertising how to get rich without first laying out some myths gets people high in hopes, and then when they realize that the system that they paid for is not producing results for them, they get discouraged. Often times, these people continue onto the hunt for the next system or product that promises to get them to the land of wealth.

Wealth in itself is not actually hard to attain. It depends on how you define wealth. How much is wealth for you? For some, a few thousands a month may be more than sufficient while for others, they may be looking a sum of around one million dollars. Whichever the case, the amount does not really matter.

I am going to tell you what matters. No systems, be it trading systems, marketing courses, or even get-rich-quick systems, are going to bring you riches overnight. Hell, you may have heard of one or two stories about overnight successes, but my advice is this – think of that as a miracle and that it is not going to happen to you.

Here are reasons how you can get your mental state right before you journey on towards your success and riches. These are truths that will bring you further than those advertisements that sell to hopes and dreams of getting rich quick.

1. Time is the key factor

Like in all things, to be big or to grow, we need time. We cannot just get big or grow overnight. Similarly, to have wealth, you need time. You need to use time to do productive things to get you to the next level/goal. We should never think that we can get rich quickly because in doing so, it is counter-productive.

You get a new system, try it, and when it fails, you think that the system is not working. What is not working is you. You are not letting time do the thing for you. What you need to do is to keep on working on the productive things that the system that you currently believe tells you to do. E.g. trading strategies in a FX course. Time will reveal everything, whether the system is a bad system or maybe it is you that still require work.

2. Goals setting

This point cannot be stressed enough. Goals are like signs to tell you how you are doing and where you are at at any particular moment. Failure to set goals prevents you from efficiently and effectively reaching them. There are many topics on the Internet about how to set effective goals. If you want to be successful, this is the first and the most important step.

I always have a notepad beside my bed, so as and when I have the time, I would flip through it and take count of my progress. Sometimes, we do get lost in the pursuit of our dreams, as life do have its events to distract us, e.g. death in a family, or a retrenchment. Whatever life throws at you, having your goals close to you keeps you in check. It may just give you that extra push out of the low that you are experiencing.

3. Diversify & keep your mind and options open

If you can, diversification is always good. It creates more variety in the pursuit of your goal towards wealth, as well as it creates another opportunity for wealth to flow from.

There are many ways in which a person can acquire wealth – stocks, mutual funds, online business, franchise, freelancing, MLM, etc. There are just way too much to be listed and all it takes is a creative mind, and a lot of effort. What you do not want to do is to be closed up, and shun a particular idea. What you can do is to listen about it, research on it and then decide if it is worth your time to invest and try out the system. The key is be open, and there may just be another better way of attaining wealth than you know.

4. It is a numbers game

All sales personnel will know that to be successful in sales, it is all in the numbers. If your success rate is 5%, you know that you need to put in more work than the other person whose success rate is 20%. Either way, success rate is not the key determinant in success. Rather, it is the number of calls the salesman makes in relation to his success rate that matters.

Therefore, in your journey towards wealth, know that all you need is to ensure that you continuously put in the work. If you need to market your product through article marketing and SEO, make sure that you are consistent in it. If you need to engage your audience, make sure that you find as many audience as you can, so that your message is able to get a wider reach. There may be geniuses in the world but many of those successful people are just normal people like you and me. What set them apart was their persistence and their hard work.

I hope that this article has helped you as much as it has helped me. Whenever I write, I am like teaching myself something new as well. Until next time, focus on your goal, and let’s fight towards it!


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